Leak detection and repair


Leak detection is just one of the professional services that Sunnyside Plumbing and Sewer offers. We use all of the latest leak detection equipment in the industry. This is why we're the best leak detection plumber in New York.
We offer complete plumbing leak detection and location services as part of our wide range of plumbing services. Using the most hi-tech equipment, we are able to pinpoint with perfect accuracy the source of the leak. No matter if it's behind a wall or under a concrete slab, our leak detection equipment will quickly find the problem by using a high-frequency location device to zero in on tiny pressure differences within the pipes. The pressure differentials are usually caused by pinholes or splits in the piping, and would be otherwise unnoticeable. When no water is being used in the house by faucets, washing machines, etc., there should be no noise within the water pipes.

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